7 Things you do not know about Golden Sands

Interesting Facts about Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Golden Sands resort is a popular summer place, located 18 km north of the city of Varna. Golden Sands is famous among the tourist not only from Bulgaria but from all Europe countries. Most people know about the resort that it has wonderful golden beaches, warm climate and good conditions for summer vacation for adults and for young people or families with children as well.

If you want to learn more about one of the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria, check here 7 things you probably do not know about Golden Sands:

1#  The history of Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Golden Sands is one of the oldest summer resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its history started in the middle of the 50-s of the last century - the first sod of Golden Sands was turned in 1956. The construction of the biggest hotels and entertainment places lasted about 10 years. Nowadays there are more than 70 hotels and 30 thousand beds. Golden Sands have been transformed into a preferred vacation place for more and more foreign and Bulgarian tourists.

2# The legend about Golden Sands

The name “Golden Sands comes from an old legend that tells of pirates who dug a huge stolen gold treasure in the ground along the coast, north of Varna. Then the land took revenge on the bandits and transformed the gold into wonderful sand…

The stolen treasure must have been really huge because the beach line is almost 4 km long and up to 100 meters wide. ;)

3# Natural reserve Golden Sands

The natural reserve Golden Sands is declared a protected territory in 1943. It is on a surface of 1320,7 ha. The territory of the park is covered with natural deciduous forests consisting of various types of oak, such as moss-capped oak, Hungarian oak, swamp white oak, hornbeam. The flora of the Golden Sands nature park includes about 500 species of plants. Most important among them are the rare, endangered and protected - the winter snowdrop, the Caucasian primrose as well as some orchids.

Under protection are some rare and endangered animals - 70 birds: common buzzard, goshawk, hawk finch, golden oriole, etc. and 25 mammals: roe deer, wild boar, badger, etc.

On the territory of the Golden Sands reserve, there are the rock Aladzha Monastery declared as a cultural monument in 1957, the Catacombs caves, remains of a basilica and ancient fortress dating back to IV-VII century in Kaleto area as well as remains of a Slavonic settlement.

The whole park Golden Sands is a perfect place for a walk around live nature and fresh air, enjoying nice summer days.

4# Balneological resort

Golden Sands resort is rich in low mineral waters. It is not only a place where you can just relax on the beach. Hot mineral water springs and lush woodlands cascading turn the resort into one of the preferable tourist cities with balneological tourism.

The combination of mineral waters and a specific climate is successfully used for the treatment of neurosis, arthritis, asthma, stress, chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, etc.

5# Easy to be reached

One of the advantages of Golden Sands is being very close to Varna International Airport, that is why flights are available during the whole year and there are regular bus lines from the city. The transport between Golden Sands and the city of Varna is well organised. There are many minibuses, private taxis, and regular buses. Find out in our blog the best way to reach the resort:

The easiest way to reach Golden Sands is booking an online transfer from the airport to the hotel, where you will spend the summer vacation. Best rates for private or shuttle transfer to any hotel in Golden Sands you will find in Bulgaria Transfers’ booking system:

6# Some of the best beaches in Bulgaria are in Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Golden Sands is a winner of a "Blue Flag"- a prestigious international award for environmentally clean resorts. Being marked as a Blue Flag holiday resort guarantees that the beaches and the sea are kept clean and pollution-free. The sand, seawater, air and the whole environment are monthly monitored.

The beach strip of Golden Sands is 4 km long, up to 100 m wide, and is known as one of the best sandy beaches in Europe. It is flat, covered with fine golden sand. There are a lot of sunbeds and if you want to spend time on the beach it is best to pay for one to make your stay more comfortable. However, if you just want to go for a swim or prefer to feel the warm sand on your skin, you can place your beach towel or mat at the free zones behind the sunbeds. Learn more about the other "Blue Flag" certified beaches in Bulgaria:

7# Things to do in Golden Sands, Bulgaria

The resort offers attractions and things to do for all ages! There is no chance to get bored. In Golden Sands you can not only relax on the beach and make tan, but you can also try all kinds of beach and summer sports, diving, swimming, etc. You can book also day trips and sightseeing tours, or explore the area by yourself. There are hotels and bars only for young and party people.

As a conclusion we can assume, that Golden Sands is one of the best seaside resorts in Bulgaria, offering excellent conditions for summer relax, recreation, things to do and attractions, health and beauty treatments! It is a modern resort, able to meet the demand of every guest, as well one of the oldest resorts in Bulgaria with traditions in the tourism industry.

We will be happy to welcome you in Golden Sands, where the summer is long and warm, suitable for sunbathing from May to October. The resort is a unique blend of the lovely nature park, warm sea, and fine Golden Sand! Do not lose more time - book today your airport – hotel transfer from Varna to Golden Sands!


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