How to get to Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Golden Sands Resort (Zlatni Pyasazi) is the biggest and most visited summer place on the north Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. It is popular among tourist not only from Bulgaria and Romania but also from the UK, Germany, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and many more. The resort provides excellent opportunities for summer holiday and moreover, it has a very good and convenient transportation infrastructure.

To find out the best ways to get to Golden Sands resort Bulgaria, keep reading the following article:

How to get from Varna Airport to Golden Sands?

The International Airport Varna (VAR) is the closest airport to Golden Sands. It is only 25 km west of the resort and there are good transportation possibilities. There are convenient flights from the UK, Germany, Austria, Russia, Israel, Turkey and many more, especially during the summer. So tourists can take advantage of choosing the closest landing point to Golden Sands and to reach their hotel only in 30 – 40 minutes by car.

Public Bus from Varna Airport to Golden Sands

The cheapest way to travel from Varna airport to Golden Sands is by bus. Public busses (№ 409 from Terminal 2) travel regularly, every 20 minutes from the airport on the route Varna – St. St. Constantine & Helena – Sunny Day – Golden Sands. The bus ticket costs only 3 BGN one way, but the journey takes about 1 hour. Have in mind also the bus stop’s location against the hotel in Golden Sands. Tickets can be purchase directly in the bus. You can check real-time the schedule here:

Shuttle bus transfer to Golden Sands

Another cheap option is shuttle bus transfers. They are cheaper than private transfers, and faster than public transport. Unfortunately, shuttle services are not so popular and most companies offer only private transfers.

Airport transfer Varna - Golden Sands

Travelling from the airport is definitely easiest and stress-free when booking in advance an airport transfer service. The driver will wait for you at the arrivals terminal with a name sign and will drive you to the hotel. You do not have to deal with anything else. Check here our best rates and reserve online:

Taxi to Golden Sands

Taxis are among the most popular and preferred transportation options. You can take a taxi direct from the arrivals terminal. Representatives are waiting in front of Terminal 2, prices are higher, but they are more comfortable and faster. If you are wondering how much is a taxi from Varna Airport to Golden Sands, you should know that prices may vary depending on the traffic and the location of the hotel, but the amount should be around  28 – 30 BGN

Car rentals to Golden Sands

If you are planning to explore the area near Golden Sands by yourself, you could rent-a-car direct from the airport or online in advance. Normally prices for rental cars in Bulgaria are reasonable, compared to other countries in the EU. The only disadvantage is that you have to drive by yourself and to worry about where to park. P.S. If you do not want to drive, but want to visit some interesting places, check here and book online excursions from Golden Sands:

How to get from Burgas Airport to Golden Sands?

The International Airport Burgas (BOJ) is the second-largest landing point on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The airport has a lot of charter and low-cost flights from Germany, UK, Russia, Israel, Scandinavian countries, Ireland, Balkan countries and many more. So you could find cheaper flight tickets, but don’t forget to take in mind how far is Burgas airport from Golden Sands. The distance is about 150 km, so the transportation costs are a bit more.

Taxi from Burgas airport to Golden Sands

Taxis are the fastest transportation, but for long-distance, it is not inexpensive. You can get a taxi direct from the Arrivals terminal.

Bus from Burgas airport to Golden Sands

The cheapest way to travel to Golden Sands is public transportation. Unfortunately, there is no direct bus from the airport to the resort, so you have to reach the city of Burgas and then from the Central station to take the bus to Varna Bus Station, and then – Bus 409 to Golden Sands … Are you sure it deserves?

Car rentals at Burgas Airport

Rent-a-car from Burgas airport is an easy, reasonable and good idea when planning to explore the beautiful Black Sea coast area. The offices of all car rental companies at Bourgas Airport are located in Terminal 2.

Airport transfer Burgas - Golden Sands

Booking airport-hotel transfer in advance is definitely the best way to travel from Burgas airport to Golden Sands Resort. There is no need to drive by yourself, or to change different busses, or to carry on how much the taxi counter will show. The journey takes around 1 hour and a half, the driver is waiting with a name sign at the Arrivals gate and will drive you and your party to the desired destination – all booked and paid in advance. The route from Bourgas Airport to Golden Sands resort is not so short, so the prices are bit higher, so keep in mind the costs, when planning your holiday in Bulgaria. In our website you can book online private car transfer - the reservation is fast and easy, there are no other cost and fees.

How far is Sofia Airport from Golden Sands?

The International Airport Sofia (SOF) is the biggest one in Bulgaria, located near the capital of the country. It is the busiest one, with most flights and destinations. But the distance from Sofia to Golden Sands is 450 km, which is 5.5 hours by car and much more by public transport. So we suggest you to think about Sofia Airport only if there is no other option. Do not worry - you can always get in touch with us for a quote for private transfer!   One of the best thing when choosing Golden Sands resort for your holiday is the easy transportation to the hotel. There several options, suitable for every budget. With Bulgaria Transfers the transportation between the airport and Golden Sands is your last concern!

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