Devin Bulgaria

Devin is a small town located in the Rhodope Mountains. The town has recently developed as a SPA destination due to its numerous mineral springs well- known for their healing properties. A fantastic destination regardless of the time of the year.

Distance to the airports:

Top 3 attractions near Devin:

  1. Cave Devil's Throat, near Trigrad – 26  km. Local people say that nothing entered in the underground labyrinth cave, can come out of it. The cave owes its name to the shape of the entrance, which resembles the shape of a devil's head. Devil's Throat Cave is one of the 100 national tourist sites in Bulgaria and is open to visitors throughout the year.
  2. The Cave Yagodinska, near Yagodina- 22 km is one of the longest-10 km., and the most interesting in Bulgaria. It consists of 5 floors. The cave is also one of the 100 national tourist sites in Bulgaria.
  3. Trigrad Gorge, Trigrad – 26 km. The gorge runs along the river as its highest point reaches 250 meters. Scenic views enchant every visitor. Huge rocks which bring respect and lush river Trigradska contribute to an indescribable feeling.

Top 3 Hotels in Devin:

  1. Spa Hotel Persenk, 5 stars, with luxury and stylish interior, offers high- quality services. Its comfortable rooms have breath-taking views over Devin and the Rhodope Mountains. The hotel takes the first place in TripAdvisor Traveler Choice for 2015.
  2. Devin Spa Hotel, 4 stars, is located in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains.The traditional BBQ restaurant serves Rhodopean dishes and vintage Bulgarian wines.
  3. SPA Complex Ismena, 4 stars, has also very high ranking in TripAdvisor.


In many of the restaurants in Devin tourists can taste typical Bulgarian kitchen from the Rhodope Region. Delicious culinary delights are patatnik (prepared from potatoes), Pearl, kachamak, homemade yogurt and fresh dairy products and others.

The best places to eat, that we highly recommend are:

  1. Restaurant BBQ Bulgarian village
  2. Restaurant "Da'Vinia"
  3. Restaurant "Enigma"


The city is situated in the valley of Vacha River in the Rhodope Mountains.


  • Devin – Pamporovo: 31 km
  • Devin – Plovdiv city: 90 km
  • Devin – Bansko: 140 km

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