Sandanski Bulgaria

Sandanski is a small town and a famous SPA recreation resort, located in the south-western part of Bulgaria. The town has a mild climate which is widely recognized as beneficial for lung desease treatments. In addition there are numerous natural mineral water springs that establish Sandasnki as one of the best SPA destinations in Bulgaria. It is a unique place for a combination of a relaxing spa holiday with various healing treatments. The air is extremely clean with low humidity and small daily and seasonal temperature variations.

Distances to Airports:

Sandanski Resort – Sofia International Airport – 230km – 180min
Sandanski Resort – Plovdiv International Airport– 270km – 260min

Top 3 Attractions in Sandanski:

  1. Rupite – a small church and a park located inside the mountains with a lot of interesting historical background, there are mineral springs, it is a place where one can find inner peace and tranquillity.
  2. Rozhen Monastery – to visit the monastery you have to go through Melnik, beautiful monastery and gorgeous landscape of the Pirin Mountains, it is an active monastery not only a tourist attraction, a quiet place with a lot of history behind it.
  3. Kordopulova House Melnik – a museum house in Melnik that offers wine tasting and has a cave cellar, the views from the house are also amazing as it is situated on a hill.

Top 3 Best Places to Stay in Sandanski:

  1. Pirin Park Hotel – 5 star Spa Hotel with 100 rooms, offers year round spa tourism and healing treatments, nice garden and outdoor pools, big and nice Spa centre.
  2. Interhotel Sandanski – 4 star hotel with 296 rooms, playgrounds for children and a picturesque lake, good location right in the centre of the town, good spa facilities and pools.
  3. Adjev Han – it has the atmosphere of an old inn, the best thing is the restaurant and the food, reasonable prices and good value for money.

Top 3 Best Restaurants in Sandanski:

  1. Sandanski Han – huge variety of dishes at reasonable prices, historical interior design, balcony seating, live national Bulgarian music.
  2. Park Hotel Sandanski – an upmarket restaurant in Sandanski, good location 50 m from the main street of Sandanski, prices are adequate for that level of service, white tent tables and romantic atmosphere in the garden.
  3.  Antique Bar & Grill – good food quality, they always surprise you with something new and homemade, nicely decorated family restaurant, Bulgarian Russian and European cuisine.


The Resort is located at the foot of the PirinMountain and at an equal distance from Sofia and Thessaloniki. The Aegean Sea is 130 km away. Near Sandanski is Melnik, the famous Rozhen Monastery and Rupite. Sandanski is also located along the river Bistrica. The most convenient Airport to be used as a landing point is Sofia International Airport but Plovdiv Airport is also an option.


Sandanski – Sofia – 164 km
Sandanski – Plovdiv – 228 km
Sandanski – Melnik – 22 km
Sandanski – Rupite – 18 km

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