Q?Am I insured?

Yes you are. All passengers of BulgariaTransfers.co.uk are fully insured in case of accident during your transfer.

Q?Can I smoke during the transfer?

We are not allowing smoking in our vehicles, however the driver may agree to stop at intervals for a cigarettes brake.

Q?We are a group, but we stay at different places – is it possible to combine the transfer vehicle?

You are welcome to create a multi drop off/pick up journeys – you probably will have to contact us in order to get a custom quote. In all cases it will be cheaper for you to do the transfer that way.

Q?Can I get a pet on the transfer? Do you allow pets at all?

We allow pets only if you have consulted us prior your arrival. So should you wish to take a pet with you please contact us in order to make your booking.

Q?Is the tip included in the price and if not what is the standard percentage of tipping in Bulgaria?

The tip is not included in the price.
Tipping in Bulgaria Is based on the quality of service you are getting and ranges between 5-15%. So feel free to tip the driver but ONLY if you are satisfied with his service.

Q?How will I know my driver at the airport?

Your driver will have a name sign with the lead passenger surname written on it. The driver will wait at the arrivals gate or in the hotel lobby. If the driver is picking you up from a private address he will be at the address at least 10 min before the pickup time in for you to have ample time to locate him.

Q?My flight got delayed – what is happening with the transfer?

We are monitoring the flight schedule and will make sure that there is someone to meet you NO MATTER how long is the delay.
In extreme delays caused by extreme weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances we may contact you to make sure you are actually flying on the same flight.

Q?I am a lone woman traveler – are your drivers trustworthy. Can I ask the driver to assist me with the luggage?

Yes our drivers work for us, we are not using subcontractors, they are all trustworthy and have gone through a rigid interview process involving face to face meetings, medical and psychological tests. The driver will certainly OFFER to assist with your luggage and should you need to ask him to do so please let us know.

All drivers are following our customer service code and looking after you is their PRIMARY concern. Any feedback – positive or negative within these lines will be greatly appreciated since it will help us make our service better.


Q?I would like to change my contact info – my phone number has changed

No problem – actually very good thinking on your side!
Please make sure you have at least one mobile phone with activated international roaming in your party and send us an email to advice of the contact change. Of course you could also give us a call.

Q?Can I change a booking or get a refund?

You can change your booking if you contact us at least 14 days in advance. You can also cancel your booking fully without penalty charge 14 days before your transfer date.

Please note that the bank transfer charges will be covered by you!

Unfortunately all changes made within the 14 days before transfer date are NONREFUNDABLE or subject to extra charge.

Q?How can I be sure that my payment information will remain confidential? Is your system secure enough?

Your booking is 100% SECURE and SAFE !
Please note the green color in your browser address bar. As a further security precaution all transactions are dealt with on our bank server, which is sporting state of the art security and anti-fraud systems.

Q?I made a reservation – what now?

You will receive an email confirmation with all the details you have provided during the reservation process.

Please double check for mistakes.

The provided credit/debit card has been charged and it is another proof that the reservation you have done with us has gone through and is confirmed.
You are welcome to call us before your scheduled travel and check is everything ok with your transfer.