Saint Constantine and Helena Resort

Saint Constantine and Helena is the first and the oldest Black Sea Resort. It’s mostly famous for its healing mineral water springs and the beautiful natural surroundings of the complex. The unique combination of parks golden beaches and mineral springs attract a lot of tourists from all over the world, most of which come repeatedly every year. The complex offers the usual summer attractions and is very suitable for family holidays and children. In the past, there was a connection between the Sea Garden of Varna and the Complex but now these alleys do not exist, the resort is still very close to the city and there is a regular bus service.

Distances to Airports:

St Constantine and Helena – Varna International Airport – 20  km – 30 min
St Constantine and Helena – Bourgas International Airport –  130 km – 2h 50min

Top 3 Attractions in St Constantin and Helena:

  1. Monastery of Saint Constantin and Helena - an active monastery with a chapel right in the centre of the resort, it is within walking distance from every hotel in the complex, a lot of history behind the beautiful architecture. It is not only a tourist attraction but a holy place.
  2. Aladzha Monastery – it is a cave monastery complex 17 km from Varna, wall paintings and monks private cells dug in the cliffs can be seen, not very close to the complex but worth to be seen, could be reached by car or bus.
  3. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin – the cathedral is the landmark of the city of Varna and is situated right in the centre. It is one of the biggest churches in the whole of Bulgaria, very well lit up at night emphasising on the beautiful architecture. The interior artwork and icons are also very impressive.

Top 3 Best Places to Stay in Saint Constantine and Helena, Bulgaria:

  1. "Romance Splendid and Spa Hotel" – 4-star hotel with 57 rooms, can be compared to some of the finest hotels in Bulgaria, small but very luxurious, good spa centre and mineral baths are nearby.
  2. "Astor Garden" – the newest 5-star hotel in the resort, very close to the beach. Unique atmosphere with luxury facilities including a spacious garden, spa, and excellent business conditions. There are 2 exclusive restaurants: "Azzaro" - a buffet restaurant serving international and local cuisine, and "Monty" - à la carte restaurant.
  3. "Azalia Hotel and Spa" – 4-star hotel with 249 rooms, good sea view and the hotel is right on the beach, good food and menu for children, modern and clean rooms.

 Top 3 Best Restaurants in Saint Constantine and Helena, Varna:

  1. "The Bay" – fish and chips and barbecue restaurant situated right on the coast, good interior and musical programme, you can feel the sea while dining.
  2. "Villa Chinka" - the newest and the most popular place near Varna! You can try traditional Bulgarian recipes with accents of Mediterranean cuisine. The hottest places are the beach bar and the pool - bar with refreshing cocktails.
  3. "La Pastaria" – Italian cuisine with specials offered every day, nice terrace, class restaurant and service, reasonably priced for that level of service.



St Constantine and Helena is located 8 km north of Varna on a natural terrace above the sea. It is also very close to the Golden Sands Resort and there is a regular bus service. It is close to Varna International Airport which can be used as a landing point. Bourgas International Airport is a bit far but could be used as a backup option.


  • St Constantine and Helena – Golden Sands Resort – 8 km - there are public busses with convenient bus stops between both resorts;
  • St Constantine and Helena  -  Varna – 10 km - you can take, taxi, public bus, or airport transfer;
  • St Constantine and Helena -  Bourgas  – 130 km - the best way to reach the city is by booking car transfer.


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