Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Carriage/Transfer/


The Carrier Company is a legal entity D S Tours Ltd, owner of the website http://bulgariatransfers.co.uk/, incorporated in Bulgaria, with seat and registered office: 41 - 43 Ivan Vazov Str., Varna 9000, entered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Bulgaria under Unique Id No 201007003.

The Carrier Company is a holder of the necessary license to provide transport services – International Carriage of Passengers No 1099, issued on 07/04/2015 by the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Carrier Company hereby warrants and represents that:

-all vehicles providing the service “transfer” are insured as required by the Bulgarian law and at the date of providing the service they have valid insurance policies.

- all vehicles providing the service “transfer” comply with all health & safety local, regional and national requirement in accordance with the Bulgarian law.

-health & safety requirements apply equally to all vehicles of the Carrier Company, whether owned or leased, or long-term or short-term rented by other SUBCONTRACTORS. In all cases, the Carrier Company shall be responsible for ensuring full compliance with safety & health requirements.

A customer can be any individual over the age of 18 or a legal entity, which has made a valid transfer booking and has paid for the transfer.

Each customer shall, prior to completion of the reservation form and providing payment for the service, become familiar with the contents of this General Terms and Conditions and explicitly confirm that he/she has read them, understands them and agrees with their contents. Provided that the reservation refers to several passengers it shall be assumed that the person, making the booking, confirms on behalf of the other passengers that they agree with these general terms and conditions.

Booking and Payment

Each customer is required to fill in the required information in the reservation form, providing complete and accurate information on: date of travel, airport, hotel, resort, number of passengers, exact time of departure. Infants and children are included in the total number of passengers and listing them in the reservation form are mandatory.

To finalize the reservation, the customer should pay the price specified in the reservation form using a debit or a credit card.

The Carrier Company shall not be held liable and shall not refund amounts if your Card Issuer charges you with a transaction fee.

The price specified in the reservation form and the invoice is final and includes all fees and taxes due under the Bulgarian law.

Contract of Carriage

The Contract of Carriage (Transfer) between the Customer and the Carrier Company shall be deemed signed from the time, when the Customer makes a valid payment of the service. The Customer shall receive a confirmation of the reservation to the e-mail address entered by him/her in the reservation form.

To receive the service and prior to its start, the Customer should provide the Carrier a hard copy confirmation of the reservation. If you do not receive a confirmation of your reservation to your e-mail address, even you have made a valid payment, or if you forget or lose the confirmation, please contact us immediately at office@bulgariatransfers.co.uk or transfers@dstours.bg, or on the emergency phone number +359884400924. In addition to the confirmation, the Customer shall also receive an invoice for the payment.

The Carrier Company shall accept transfer bookings made not later than 24 hours before the time of travel.

When completing the reservation form, the Customer shall provide information on any disabled passengers, using wheelchairs or needing special care when traveling, so we can take the appropriate measures and provide the most appropriate vehicle for the purpose.


The baggage of each customer should be clearly labeled with its own name, address and phone number. Each customer is entitled to a suitcase not larger than 70 cm х 40 cm х 20 cm and one piece of hand luggage. The Customer shall explicitly notify the Carrier Company when filling out the reservation form about any baggage exceeding the above dimensions, such as: bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, gold equipment, etc. If the Customer has failed to do that, the Carrier can refuse the service.


The Customer may make changes to the reservation in terms of the number of passengers, route, time of travel, etc. not later than 24 hours prior to the time of transfer. In case of flight cancellation, change of time or delay, the Customer shall notify the Carrier Company as soon as he/she becomes aware of the change on the following emergency phone number +359884400924, or at e-mails office@bulgariatransfers.co.uk  or transfers@dstours.bg

The Carrier Company shall not be liable if the transfer is not carried out due to inaccurate, incomplete or false information provided by the Customer when filling in the reservation form, and if the Customer fails to notify any changes in flight information.

Terms and Conditions of Transfer

The Carrier Company reserves the right to refuse to make a transfer to a person, who is or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or whose behavior is considered to pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle or other passengers. In such cases, the Customer shall not be entitled to any refund for the price paid by him/her to the Carrier Company.

The exact time of transfer shall be specified by the Customer upon booking. The Customer should comply with the requirement of most airlines: check-in to be done at least two hours before the scheduled departure of the aircraft. The Carrier Company shall not be responsible if the passenger is late for the flight or he/she has not indicated the appropriate time allowing him/her be on time at the airport for the check-in.

Cancellation of Transfer

Free Cancellation

The Customer shall have the right to cancel the service/transfer without owing penalty within 14 /fourteen/ and more days prior to the date of arrival.

The cancellation of transfer is to be made electronically to the following e-mail address office@bulgariatransfers.co.uk .

The Carrier Company shall refund the amount to the Customer to the account from which the funds have been charged within 14 /fourteen/ days of the receipt of the notification of cancellation.

The Carrier Company shall not be held liable and shall not refund amounts if your Card Issuer charges you with a fee for the reimbursement. Any bank fees on the refund shall be borne by the Customer.

The Customer shall owe a penalty to the Carrier Company as follows:

-in cancellation of transfer up to 13 /thirteen/ and less days prior to the date of arrival – a penalty of 100% /one hundred percent/ of the price paid.

-in case the customer does not appear on the date and time specified for the transfer, he/she is not eligible for refund.

Limitation of Liability/Disclaimer/Force Majeure

Under these general terms and conditions, the term “Force Majeure” shall include the following unforeseeable circumstances: technical failure of the vehicle, resulting to late arrival; severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, storm, flood, hail, earthquakes, landslides and other acts of God; when the carrier should obey the orders of the police; traffic accidents and other road incidents; fire, explosion, acts of terrorism, riots; third party’s strikes; roads closed due to traffic accidents, incidents, etc.


to use the Carrier’s website and the services provided by the Carrier, each Customer should complete a reservation form and make a payment as for the purpose he/she shall be required to fill in data such as: name, surname, credit card number, credit card expiration date, card holder’s name. We need this information to conclude a contract of carriage (transfer) and to credit your credit card with the price of the service. Based on this information you will receive an invoice with a serial number and other information related to the contract. The Carrier Company shall be the sole owner of the information received. The Carrier Company shall not provide this information to third parties.

Customer's personal data are collected, processed and stored in accordance with the carrier's privacy policy, which is published on the website (www.bulgariatransfers.co.uk)


The Carrier Company uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to encrypt data and ensure safe credit/debit card data transmission when booking the transfer. SSL is the most popular method used for the secure transmission of credit card data transmission and confidential data transfer on Internet. Your credit/debit card data shall be used only once for the needs of the specific reservation.


Customer may make a complaint about the quality of the service within 14 days after the service has been provided, filing a written complaint by e-mail to office@bulgariatransfers.co.uk. The complaints should be accompanied by the confirmation of the reservation and the invoice for the transfer made. The Carrier Company shall consider the complaint and send a reply to the Customer within 14 days of the receipt of the complaint.

In case of positive response, the Carrier Company shall refund the price paid by the Customer to the account from which the funds have been charged within 14 /fourteen/ days.

When refunding the amounts approved with regard to the complaint, the Carrier Company shall not be held liable and shall not refund amounts if your Card Issuer charges you with a fee for the reimbursement. Any bank fees on the refund shall be borne by the Customer.

Governing Law

All disputes arising out of or in connection with failure or improper performance of these General Terms and Condition shall be settled through negotiations. Should the agreement fail, the disputes shall be referred to the court of competency in the Republic of Bulgaria and resolved according to Bulgarian law.

The Carrier Company reserves the right to unilaterally change or modify the contents of these General Terms and Conditions without notification. These General Terms and Conditions are effective from 01 December 2014.