Pomorie, Bulgaria

Pomorie is a Bulgarian town and popular summer resort. It is located in the vicinity of Bourgas and has a wide variety of well-appointed accommodation options and SPA centers.

Distances to the airports:

Pomorie – Bourgas International Airport – 25 km – 20 min
Pomorie resort – Varna International Airport – 120 km – 95 min

Now you know the nearest airport to Pomorie is Burgas Airport (BOJ). The journey takes only 20 minutes by car and there are a lot of options to arrange your transportation - bus, taxi, airport transfers. If you need a transfer from Varna airport to Pomorie, we have an offer for you: Keep in mind it is more expensive, long way - travelling.


Top 3 Attractions in Pomorie Resort:

1. Pomorie Lake – the lake is a great place for the bird watchers and has a dedicated bird watch center. The museum of salt is another place to visit with some history on the salt production through the ages.
2. Monastery of St. George – walking distance from the old town this little place is full of harmony and peace. The spring water in the monastery is believed to have healing power.
3. Thracian Necropolis Pomorie – incredible temple built of brick and stone. Definitely worth spending an hour or two. The place is well kept and the admission is cheap.

Top 3 best places to stay in Pomorie, Bulgaria:

1. Grand Hotel Pomorie – one of the biggest hotels in Pomorie, boasting incredible SPA centre. Hotel is located on the actual beach so you could enjoy a dip in the sea in between SPA treatments.
2. Festa Via Pontica Resort – a nice 5star place ideal for big groups and conferences. Member of the Fest hotels group.
3. Hotel & Spa Saint George – great location, perfect service and friendly staff. Great value for money. It has a very high rating in TripAdvisor:

Top 3 best restaurants in Pomorie:

1. Koziyat Rog – Traditional Bulgarian dining experience. Nice atmosphere and staff. Central location
2. Bistro ,,St. Nikola" – a small place for a quick snack. Offers a mix of cuisines (Bulgarian, Italian, Russian)
3. "Chichovcy" – the restaurant has a perfect atmosphere and a HUGE menu. Do not forget to make a reservation as otherwise, you will have to wait for someone to leave.


Pomorie has an excellent location between Bourgas and Nessebar – literary on the northern cape of the Bourgas Bay. Easy to reach by car or taxi – very close to Bourgas International Airport (BOJ). Check our rates and reserve online transfer to any hotel in Pomorie.


  • Pomorie - Bourgas 25 km - the city can be easy reached by car or taxi, there are also public busses;
  • Pomorie - Varna 120 km - the city is about 3 hours by car, so better rent a car or book a private transfer;
  • Pomorie - Nessebar 20 km - only 15 min by car / taxy.


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