How to get from Bourgas Airport to Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the biggest and the most popular summer destination in Bulgaria. The resort offers a long list of things to do for every age group, various accommodation options for every budget and lovely beaches and warm weather for everyone! Thousands of tourists spend their summer vacation in Sunny Beach and come back again next year.  If you are still wondering whether it deserves to visit the resort, you can find here our top 5 reasons to do it! In our blog, you can find as well more information about the best attractions in Sunny Beach.

For those of you, who have decided to spend the summer vacation in Sunny Beach, we have some useful tips on how to reach the resort.


How to get to Sunny Beach?


Sunny Beach is located on the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, that's why it is more convenient to use Bourgas International Airport, which is just 35 km. There are a lot of charter flights and low-cost options during the summer.

Taxi from Bourgas Airport to Sunny Beach

Travelling by taxi is one of the most popular ways of transportation to the resort. The distance is not very long, so the price shouldn’t be very high. You will reach your hotel fast and easy and travel with comfort vehicle. You have to bear in mind, that there are a lot of illegal companies or drivers, so better research in advance some recommend carriers and do not choose the first car waiting at the airport.


Travelling by bus from Bourgas to Sunny Beach

If you are looking for a cheap travelling option to Sunny Beach, you can take the public bus from the airport terminal to the resort. Keep in mind the journey will last longer as the busses have many stops on the itinerary and better check in advance, if the hotel, you have chosen is close to any bus stop in Sunny Beach.


Rent a Car at the airport

Car rentals are very popular and useful for a lot of passengers. If you are going to explore by yourself the area near Sunny Beach, you can take rent-a-car after landing at Bourgas Airport and leave it back there, when departing. Of course, you can take advantage of this service if have a legal driving license and love to drive a car on unknown roads. If you do not plan to travel to different cities, probably you do not need a car in Sunny Beach.


Airport Transfers to Sunny Beach

Airport transfers are the best way of travelling from the airport to the hotel you have booked for your stay. The driver will wait for your party at the arrivals terminal with a name sign and will take you to the exact address. You do need to walk or drive by yourself. Prices are reasonable, the journey is safe and comfortable. You can arrange it in advance and dismiss any stressful situations upon arrival. Always choose a licensed transportation company with positive feedback from the customers. With Bulgaria Transfers you can reserve online your transfer from Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach. We are happy to offer you:

  • Private car transfer for 35 £
  • Private minibus transfers for 52 £
  • Private bus transfer for 73 £
  • Private coach transfer for 115 £

If you are wondering how long is the transfer from Burgas Airport to Sunny Beach, you are at the right place! We are here to answer all your questions. The journey takes not more than 30 min, depending on the traffic and the location of your address. For additional information, please visit our website or contact us.

How far is Sunny Beach from Varna Airport (VAR)?

If you have found a cheaper flight from Varna Airport, do not worry, we have a solution for your transportation! ;) Get a quote here for a private airport transfer from Varna to Sunny Beach, but keep in mind it is a long way travelling (100 km - about 2 hours), so the prices are higher.


If you are looking for fun with your friends, or you need a more adventurous experience, you can travel in that way. But otherwise, when taking into consideration your safety, please do not do it. ;) The ride is usually free, but not always. You never know if the driver is qualified or if the car is in technically good condition.


There are a lot of different ways to get to Sunny Beach, suitable for every budget and choice. Whatever you choose, do not neglect your safety and comfort, because the transportation from the airport to Sunny Beach is the beginning of your unforgettable summer holiday in Bulgaria!

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