5 Reasons to Spend your Summer Holiday in Sunny Beach

Summer holiday in Sunny Beach


Summer is around the corner and you haven’t decided where to spend your holiday yet? How about Bulgaria?! Actually Sunny Beach!  It is the most popular and most visited summer resort in Bulgaria - a modern destination that offers great opportunities for an active holiday and a variety of entertainment venues.

In case you are still hesitating, we have shortlisted the top 5 reasons to spend your summer holiday in Sunny Beach, which will promise you one unforgettable vacation in Bulgaria:

1. Sunny Beach - the Best Resort in Bulgaria

As we already mentioned, Sunny Beach is the most famous beach resort on the Black Sea coast. It is also the biggest and the busiest summer resort in Bulgaria and has the longest and widest beach strip. It is the most visited summer resort in Bulgaria and thousands of tourists from all over the world choose the hotels and the places of entertainment that Sunny Beach offers. Find here the best excursions and day tours from Sunny Beach:

2. The sunny “Sunny Beach”

The resort enjoys a perfect climate during the whole summer season, which lasts from May through October. The average daily temperature in the summer is 27°C and due to the Mediterranean influence the days are typically hot, but the summer breeze makes them pleasant :)

Sunny Beach resort was awarded the prestigious Blue Flag International prize for the proven clean environment. The beach has fine golden sand and natural sunny dunes; the sea bottom is gradually deepening and the water is clean and warm.

3. Nightlife in Sunny Beach

The nightlife in Sunny Beach is famous all over the world and regular parties, hosted by popular DJs, attract thousands of young people every year. Sunny Beach offers more than 200 restaurants, live music bars, discos, nightclubs, cafes, casinos, pubs, karaoke bars etc. A lot of them are situated right on the beach and have lovely sea views – at the end of the day what would a summer vacation be without the beach parties?! Learn more about the best bars and clubs in Sunny Beach on our blog:

The resort also offers plenty of entertainment for kids, families and people of all ages!

4. Best price

According to a survey of the British Post Office website, SunnyBeach offers British tourists the lowest prices in Europe for 2016. The survey was taken in 14 popular European resorts and relates to the cost of a vacation, including food and beverage. The results also show that these costs have decreased in 13 of the 14 monitored resorts.

5. Flights and Airport Transfers

There are two airports serving Sunny Beach - Bourgas Airport (approximately 25 km) and Varna Airport (approximately 100 km). During the summer both airports are connected to more than 150 destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa - regular flights, low cost and charter airlines fly daily. There are direct flights from London, Manchester, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ukraine, North-European countries, Central Europe and some Balkan countries. Direct flight services are offered as well from most major cities in Germany.

Sunny Beach is situated on the Black Sea coast, 35 km north of the city of Bourgas and 25 from the airport. The best option for transportation from the airport to the hotels in Sunny Beach is booking an online transfer with Bulgaria Transfers. We guarantee the best price for our services!

The best rate for transportation from Bourgas Airport to Sunny Beach is 8 GBP for a shared one-way bus transfer! If you prefer the comfort of a private journey you can book a car (22 GBP), minibus (35 GBP) or a bus transfer (55 GBP), depends on how big your party is.

Do not forget to contact us in case you need any assistance with transfer reservations or other tourist services in Bulgaria!

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