Top 3 places in Sozopol that you cannot miss

Sozopol is a very popular summer resort in Bulgaria. The city is situated on a rocky peninsula in the southern part of the Bourgas Bay. Sozopol is one of the oldest cities on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, dating back to the end of IV-III millennium BC. Firstly it was called Apollonia, in honor of the God of art Apollon! ;)

The resort offers a variety of accommodation properties, restaurants, discos, as well as excellent facilities for water sports and possibilities for relaxing on the beach.

The town’s charm is a reason of a lovely combination of summer resort and unique architecture, old wooden houses and narrow cobbled streets.

To make your stay unforgettable, there are 3 beautiful places in Sozopol that you can’t miss this summer:

#3 The Old Town of Sozopol

places in SozopolThe Old Town of Sozopol is a beautiful and charming archaeological and architectural reserve. There you can see about 180 old houses, each of them has its history.

During the Middle Ages Sozopol was surrounded by walls and towers on them. Some of the remains reach 3 - 4m. Nowadays they are restored and beautifully lit at night.

The Old Sozopol has a unique atmosphere, mostly because of the narrow stone streets and wooden houses of XVIII-XIX century. Most of them are now monuments. The history of the area is marvelous. The Southern Walls offer fantastic views and a great place for a walk, shops with handmade souvenirs, beautiful small restaurants and nightclubs.

#2 St. Ivan Island

St. Ivan Island is a good idea for a romantic boat trip from the yacht port in Sozopol, especially by sunset. ;)  It is the largest island located on the Bulgarian Black Sea aquatory. There is a lighthouse, which guides ships in the Bay of Bourgas. On the island you can see over 70 different types of birds, some of them are protected. “St. Ivan” is a natural and archaeological reserve, under the protection of the state. It used to be a sacred place for the ancient civilizations in the past. There is also a small church on the island and archaeological remains.

St. Ivan Island is your place when you are looking to go away from the busy summer resorts and overcrowded beaches in Sozopol. There are many interesting and romantic legends about pirates and hidden gold treasures on the island that you will learn from the local fishermen there ;)

#1 The Castle of Ravadinovo

Places in Sozopol Ravadinovo CastelThe Castle of Ravadinovo is the newest attraction near Sozopol. It comes from the fairy- tales and has enchanting and romantic spirit. The Castle has located 2 km from Sozopol. It can be reached only by car and the entrance fee is 10 BGN.

The Castle has beautiful gardens where you will meet freely strolling peacocks, garden statues, stone birds and mermaids, a lake with swans, winery and chapel. Its high towers “touch” the clouds and its stone walls reflect all shades of light, changing their colour according to the sunshine. Its name is "In love with the wind" and it will make you remember the tales of the Brothers Grim…

Do not expect to see a real medieval castle, like palaces in Western Europe, and don’t compare it with the originals. It is not an authentic or historical landmark, it is new and the only of its kind in Bulgaria. The style of the Castle is one and only – the unique Fairy style.

The Castle is an attractive place for a day trip for families with kids and tourist groups. It offers plenty of attractions as a game zone, wine test, art gallery, horse riding, fishing, restaurants. The Castle is an excellent place for wedding ceremonies and family parties as well.

When visiting Sozopol, you definitely cannot miss all these attractions in the resort.

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