Airport Transfer in Bulgaria: 5 Тhings you should watch out before booking

5 Things you should watch out before booking an airport transfer in Bulgaria

When arranging your holiday in Bulgaria it is not enough only to book accommodation and your flight tickets but you need to also think about the transfer from the airport to the resort you have chosen for your holiday. As you know there are a lot of different types of transport services that you can use and each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses.  What is the best way to travel from the airport to the hotel you have booked?

To make your choice easier and to help you make a more informed decision we have reviewed the top 5 points you need to consider when booking an airport transfer in Bulgaria.

1. Are there any additional taxes, not included in the price of your transfer?

Whether you are researching on the internet for the best transfer options in Bulgaria or you are at the airport trying to find the easiest way to get to your hotel, the first thing you always consider is the price. Our advice is to make sure there aren’t any hidden additional charges that you need to pay on top of what you have been quoted. These might be parking or airport fees, passenger insurance, late arrival charges, online payment fees etc. If you choose for your airport transfer you can be sure the price you see is the final price you pay.

2. Is the transportation company licensed?

If you are at the airport in Bulgaria and you are looking for a transfer, you have to be extra careful which services you are going to use. There are a lot of illegal taxi and transportation companies, which cannot guarantee the quality and the safety of your trip. As a carrier company, has all the necessary transfer service licenses, all vehicles and passengers are insured and our clients can be sure that all the vehicles have passed technical inspection. In addition, there is a permanent government control on the licensed carrier companies that guarantee the safety of journey!

3. Private or shared transfer?

Before booking your transfer you need to decide which option is more appropriate for you. If you would like to save some money you can choose the shared airport transfer service. However, if you are looking for a personal and more comfortable journey to the hotel, it is better to book a private transfer. Depending on how big the group you are traveling with is, we offer a variety of car, minibus, bus or coach transfers.

4. Book online in advance or find transportation at the airport in Bulgaria?

If you leave the arrangement of your airport transfer for the last minute when you arrive in Bulgaria you might have a lot of trouble or just downfall your holiday so our advice is definitely book your transfer in advance! It doesn't matter if you are traveling on business or vacation, booking online is always easier, it saves you time and money and there is no possibility of dealing with illegal drivers. Booking a transfer with is very easy and will take you only a few minutes! As you already know we also offer a best price guarantee policy!

5. Do the low-cost transfer services in Bulgaria provide quality transportation?

As it sometimes happens, low-cost transportation companies offer old, uninsured cars that could endanger your journey. If you book your airport transfer with, you won’t have any of these problems as all the vehicles in our fleet are owned by us and the drivers are employed by us. That’s why we offer the best price guarantee and 100% quality transfer services.  Check it out for yourself! :)

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In conclusion, if you follow and have in mind these few simple rules, you will probably avoid a lot of difficulties when booking an airport transfer in Bulgaria and it will make your journey a lot more pleasant. In case you have other questions or need any help, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be always happy to assist you with arranging your transfer from any airport in Bulgaria to any resort in the country or to any other destination that you have in mind.

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