Top 8 winter competitions in Borovets this season

Borovets is one of the biggest ski resorts in Bulgaria, offers excellent conditions for winter sports: alpine skiing, snowboarding, ski running, freestyle and freeride. The total length of its 24 ski runs is 58 km., and they are suitable for all levels of difficulty, from beginners to experts.

Borovets is a favourite place for snowboarders and offers 2 terrain parks – Snow Park Borosport in the upper part of Popangelov trail and Promo Park Borosport in front of the Rila hotel in the centre of Borovets.  Even in the evenings, Borovets is a busy place due to the established conditions for night skiing until 22 hours and the numerous traditional taverns and nightclubs.

During the ski season, 2018 - 2019 Borovets will host a lot of events and ski and snowboard competitions. The most interesting of them, you can check chronologically here:


8 Most important winter competitions in Borovets, ski season 2018 - 2019:


1# "World Snow Day"


The festival will gather many fans of the mountain and the winter sports around the world, and the first mountain resort in Bulgaria will be part of it with lots of fun for the whole family.


2# "Borosport Cup Slalom 2019"

24 - 25.01.2019

The racers are divided into three age groups - men and women, under 18 and under 21 years of age. Category - FIS, BC. Disciplines are Giant Slalom GS and SL. The slalom will be on ski-run "Martinovi Baraki 4" in ski-center "Sitnyakovo". The competition will start at 10:00 AM on Thursday (24 JAN 2019).


3# "Samokov Cup"


The race is part of the Hopes Cup Bulgaria and there are 3 age groups: under 12, under 14 and under 16. The organizers are Rilski skier sports club and Borosport.


4# "Chamkoria Junior Cup"


The giant slalom race is open for children aged 8 -12. The organizer of the race is ski club Chamkoria.


5# "Petar Popangelov Cup"


The 10-th edition of the traditional ski race for children (8 - 12 y.)  will take place in Borovets. The giant slalom race will take place on ski slope Yasterbets 3 in several age groups. The competition is one of the initiatives of Borovets resort and Borosport for encouraging the kids to start practicing winter sports.


6# "Champions Memorial"


The ski race is organized in the memory of the ski legends from Samokov from the near and distant past: Lyudmil Tonchev, Dimitar Angelov, Petar Angelov, Aleksandar Nestov, Georgi Doykov, Ivan Nedyalkov, Iskra Barzanova, Asen Barzanov and many others. In the race will take part girls and boys aged 8-12 years.


7# "National Winter Competition"

12 - 14.03.2019

This year Borovets will host the National cross-country competition between 12th and 14th of March. The event is organized by "Borosport", the Bulgarian Ski Federation and ski club "Rilski sportist". Why don't you get involved?! ;)

8# "FIS Balkan Cup"

17 - 18.03.2019

The event is organized by "Borosport" and The Bulgarian Ski Federation. The participants will compete in the following categories:

Interval start- women, 5 km (А) / (C)
Interval start - men 10 km (А) / (C)
Interval start - women, 5 km (А) / (F)
Interval start - men 10 km  (А) / (F)


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All cross-country trails and biathlon in Borovets are designed according to the requirements of the International Ski Federation and the International Biathlon Union, with a minimum width of 6 meters. The resort offers ski running trails in the “Shiroka Polyana” area and "Varnika" with lengths of routes 3.5 km and 10 km, and the route in the Sports Center "Bistritsa" with a length of 10.5 km.

The winter calendar in Borovets includes as well as events for kids, competitions and workshops for all ages that you can participate. If you are going to spend your winter vacation in Bulgaria, we suggest you visit Borovets – great place for a ski holiday! There is enough snow on the pistes until April.

An additional plus is easy access to the resort. Borovets has located 70 km away from the capital Sofia and the International Airport, which is around 90 min by car. The best way to reach your hotel is reserving a private transfer- a comfortable journey with a car, bus or minibus.

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