Top 3 best places to be on summer vacation near Varna

Top 3 Best places to visit near Varna, Bulgaria:

Varna is a very popular summer holiday, business and cultural tourism destination. The city will surprise you with a great number of places to visit - the Cathedral, museums, historical monuments, parks, shopping centers, etc. If you have decided to explore the area near Varna, we advise you to visit one of the places in our top 3!

Varna International Airport is the biggest airport in North-Eastern Bulgaria.  It is located on the Black Sea Coast, just 8 km away from Varna – the summer capital of Bulgaria and it lies at the heart of a highly developed business community in direct proximity to the leading Bulgarian summer resorts. Varna Airport was announced as one of the best 10 airports in Eastern Europe in the prestigious Skytrax World Airport Awards for 2015 and it is the only non-capital city airport in the top 10 of the Region. It serves all the resorts in the northern part of the Black Sea Coast and during the summer season it receives a lot of traffic.

If wondering how to get to Varna city, you can use Bulgaria Transfers services for your transportation from the airport to the city centre in Varna at the best rate of 11 GBP for a comfortable private car journey!

Top 3 best places to visit near Varna:


Vacation in Albena, Bulgaria


Albena is one of the most beautiful and preferred summer resorts in Bulgaria. It welcomes tourists from Bulgaria and all over the world with it's beautiful, large and clean beaches. Albena enjoys a wonderful climate during the summer and provides perfect conditions for a relaxing holiday on the beach. You can also enjoy a walk around the Baltata Natural Reserve or practice water sports and extreme activities in the water-park. The resort has been awarded the "Blue Flag" award - for ecological cleanness of the sea, the beach and the whole surrounding territory. Albena is also a very good spot for a family vacation - it offers a variety of accommodation options, restaurants, SPA & Wellness facilities and entertainment venues.

Albena is situated in the Northern part of the Bulgarian Seaside and the resort is easily accessible due to its proximity to Varna International Airport, which is only 39 km. away. The best way to get there is by booking an online transfer from the airport to the hotel you have chosen for your summer holiday. Our Best Price Offer for transportation from Varna airport to Albena is a private car one-way transfer at the rate of 32 GBP!

#Golden Sands

Golden sands summer resort in BulgariaGolden Sands resort is famous for its long clear golden sand beaches. The resort is a favourite place for a summer holiday for thousands of tourists, because of its beautiful nature, nice weather and…the nightlife! Golden Sands is also a suitable resort for families, young people or adults. It offers a water-park, a diving centre, balneotherapy facilities and different kind of hotels and restaurants. We really recommend you to try the traditional Bulgarian cuisine!

Golden Sands is situated near the city of Varna and you can use Varna International Airport as a landing point. The easiest way to get to the resort is by car and you can check here the transfer rates of Bulgaria Transfers from Varna Airport to the hotel you have booked in Golden Sands. Of course, we can always assist you with the choice of your accommodation or flight options! :-)


Balchik is one of the most popular resorts along the northern Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria. It is a beautiful small town and offers a lot of attractions and places to visit - cozy hotels and seafood restaurants with fantastic views of the marina and the sandy beaches.

Attractions near Varna - The Palace in BalchikBalchik is located only 40 km away from Varna and getting there is quick and easy. We advise you to check our airport transfer services - we offer comfortable private car, bus or minibus transfers from Varna Airport to Balchik at the reasonable price of 39 GBP for a one-way trip. You can find your best appropriate option here! Traveling by car from Varna International Airport to Balchik will surprise you with a lot of incredible views that the beautiful natural surroundings offer in the summer - green forests, colourful meadows and crystal clear blue water reaching the skyline!

When visiting Balchik, you shouldn’t miss the most famous and beautiful place there - The Palace and the Botanical Garden in Balchik. The Renaissance complex appeared in the Revival Period as a summer residence of the Romanian queen Maria. The complex consists of several villas, an Orthodox chapel, a nymphaeum, inside Moorish- styled patios, traditional houses and fountains. The Botanical Garden is world-famous for its collection of palm- trees, exotic trees such as rubber tree, oriental raisin tree, paper mulberry, red juniper, etc. The unique collection of large-sized cactuses, which is the second of its kind in Europe, after the one in Monaco, is also very popular. The list of flowers and unique plants in the garden, as well as all the attractions there is endless! Read here the story of the Palace & Botanical garden in Balchik:

Regardless of which resort you choose, you won’t regret it! We recommend you to visit all these three wonderful places if you are spending your holiday on the Bulgarian North Black Sea Coast - they are close to Varna, you do not need to travel a long time and you can always book your airport transfer online with Bulgaria Transfers! ;)

Here you will find the best tours and excursions in the area:

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