Sunny Beach Vs. Golden Sands

When it comes to a summer holiday in Bulgaria, there are two most popular and visited seaside resorts: Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Both are the biggest and the best summer cities, offering the best conditions for relaxing active holiday, attractions and places for entertainment.

Sunny Beach and Golden Sands have been always competed for each other to be the favorite summer spot for every tourist. To make your decision easier, we have selected the most important things about both places:

North or South Black Sea Coast

The first thing is to decide which part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast you are going to visit this time. Both resorts are located close to an airport and have a lot of convenient flight options.

Golden Sands is located in the North part of the Black Sea coast. The resort is close to Airport Varna and if you choose to spend the summer vacation there, you can take advantage of our best rates for a private transfer to any hotel in Golden Sands. Find more about our best prices here:

Sunny Beach is located near the International Airport Burgas, which is the main airport for the South part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. That provides many convenient connections for tourist from different parts of Europe. Get your quote for private transfer from Burgas Airport to any hotel in Sunny Beach:

Nature or Culture in Bulgaria


The Botanical Garden in BalchikThe North Black Sea Coast is the good starting point for interesting day trips to many beautiful places: Kavarna and Kaliakra, Balchik, Albena, Varna city etc. If you would like to explore the beautiful nature and seaside region, Golden Sands is the right place for you! There are some big nature parks such as “Golden Sands Park” and “Aladzha” Monastery, “Baltata” in Albena, Nature reserve “Kaliakra”, the Botanical Garden in Balchik and the Sea Garden in Varna, where you can take a walk during the hot summer days.

If you prefer to visit more archaeological and historical sights, Sunny Beach is a better choice. The resort is close to the most ancient seaside city - Nessebar. In this small city, you can explore different museums, ancient remains, and churches. The whole "Old Town" is like an open-air museum of the old times.

Party or Leisure in the summer


The main thing you should decide is the purpose of your stay in Bulgaria. Do you prefer a leisure holiday, relax at the beach, or visiting noisy and crowded bars and clubs? Actually, both Sunny Beach and Golden Sands offer big clubs and discos with famous DJ-s and different parties every night. But the best places and the most popular events are in Sunny Beach, known as the best party destination in Bulgaria. Find out more about the party spirit in Sunny Beach in our blog:

Both resorts Sunny Beach and Golden Sands have wide sandy beaches with excellent conditions for a relaxing holiday. Our advice is to choose Golden Sands if you are looking for more calm and quite a holiday. ;)

Beaches in Sunny Beach and Golden Sands

The biggest summer resort in Bulgaria Sunny Beach is a winner of the “Blue Flag” award for summer 2018. This ensures that the beach and the sea water are clean, there is no pollution from sewage and industrial wastewater, the beach is cleaned of waste, guarded by lifeguards, and there are available showers, toilets, medical care facilities etc. The cleanest beaches in Sunny Beach are “North“ and ”South“. The resort is a favorite place for a lot of tourists due to its beautiful sunny beaches.

The beach strip in Golden Sands is 3,5 km long, up to 100 m wide, and is known as one of the best sandy beaches in Europe. It is flat, covered with fine golden sand. The sandy sea bottom gently slopes into the sea, there are no rocks or sudden drops. Do not wonder why the resort is called “Golden Sands” ;)

No matter whose resort you will choose, both Golden Sands and Sunny Beach have beautiful sandy beaches.

Hotel or Apartment

Where to stay is a very important part of organizing your summer holiday. Sunny Beach and Golden Sands are the biggest resorts in Bulgaria, so with no doubt, they offer a huge variety of accommodation options: big hotel complexes, famous hotel chains, small and quite hotels, family resorts, private apartments etc. Definitely, you will find the best place for you and your party!

Our hint is - if you prefer apartment or aparthotel, Sunny Beach offers more options than any other resort in Bulgaria!  ;)

Transfers to Golden Sands and Sunny Beach

The best rate for transfer to Sunny Beach is 24 GBP from Burgas Airport with private vehicle, one way.

Airport transfer to Golden Sands from Varna Airport will costs you 22 GBP for a private car. Do not waste more time, make your online reservation here:

With Bulgaria Transfers the airport – hotel transfer is your last problem. Just let us care about your transportation! We will be happy to welcome you to the airport! ;)

Who is the winner in your ranking?

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