Sunny Beach: The Best Party Destination In Bulgaria

Sunny Beach: The Best Party Destination In Bulgaria


Sunny Beach is the most popular summer destination in Bulgaria, attracting a different type of visitors. The resort offers a variety of entertainment, cultural and historical sights and lovely beaches, combined with reasonable prices. Sunny Beach welcomes a lot of young people and is known as The Best Party Destination In Bulgaria. If you would like to learn more about the most popular places where world-famous DJ-s are performing, this is the right place!

When it comes to party destination, often Sunny Beach is compared to Ibiza. The Bulgarian resort offers also hundreds of bars and discos, but the prices are lower because the country belongs to the Non – Eurozone.

The best bars in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

There is no “Bar Street” in Sunny Beach, but the entire beachfront strip is teeming with a countless cocktail - bars and discos. The most popular places are “Scandals” which serves British drinks; “Shooters” which is right on the beach and offers the best cocktails.

There are also some great Dutch bars which guarantee a great atmosphere - “Flying Dutchman” and “Ballarmann Beach Bar” are the most visited.

“Bubbles Beach Bar” is the favourite place among the customers of “TripAdvisor”. The bar is located on the beach and during the hot summer days, you can take refreshing drinks and cocktails. The party starts when the sun goes down and you can dance while enjoying the nice breeze from the sea.

“Mexo Bar” is also a very popular beach bar. It's a round bar with a straw roof located at the sandy beach and there are regular fire shows! “Mexo Bar” has a unique atmosphere and design, combining the exoticism of Africa and Latin America.

When it comes to nightlife in Sunny Beach, find here the best places according to TripAdvisors' Travellers:

Cacao Beach, Sunny Beach

The most popular chain of bars and clubs in Sunny Beach is known as “Cacao Beach”. Located on the South coast of Sunny Beach, the club gains such high popularity that it becomes the godfather of the whole terrain, called “Cacao Beach”. The bar is the hottest place on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast that never sleeps. It is one of the TOP 100 Club for 2016. 

“Bedroom Beach Club” is the most attractive venue at “Cacao Beach” with its incredible atmosphere, fine gourmet cuisine and constant celebrity presence, known as the seaside paradise of luxury and entertainment! You can spend the whole day and night there under the sounds of the most popular tracks, performed by famous DJs.

"La Cubanita Beach Bar" - the newest place of “Cacao Beach”, welcomes all fans of hot Latin rhythms, summer delights and Cuban style.

 “The 1” is the club where the party never ends. It is so popular, so it is nearly impossible to get into it without a reservation, especially in August.

Clubs and Discos in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a big resort, that’s why it has some big clubs which hosts popular DJ-s from the techno and house community. The most popular discos in Sunny Beach are “Revolution” (“Candy Club”) on the main strip and “Disco Orange” at the city centre of the resort. Both are hosting events such as Ministry of Sound, Hedkandi, Nope Is Dope, Fame Dutch, Celebrities In The Sun, Totally Summer Club, Neon Splat, Millennium Party etc. Only the party animals know what it means…

A lot of young people choose the resort and its party tourism activities. Clubbers can participate in bar tours in the beloved beach destination in Bulgaria. The Boat Party is another attractive option for having fun in Sunny Beach. There are three decks‚ a 4 - hour open bar and a slide.

Bulgaria is brilliant for keeping up with the latest tunes. The clubs play an amazing mix of music and usually have celebrity and DJ appearances.

Party Hotels in Sunny Beach:

The list of hotels in Sunny Beach is endless. Some of the best party hotel, that we recommend to you are:

  • Hotel Atol: only 5 min from the party street and the beach;
  • Diamond Hotel: 10 min from the party strip and the beach;
  • Grand Hotel: 15 min from the party strip and 5 from the beach;
  • Apart Hotel Palazzo: 10 min to Bedroom Beach, 1-st place in TripAdvisor for party hotels;
  • Party Hotel Zornica: 5 min to the beach.


Sunny Beach, located in the southern part of Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast, is a place of wild contrasts. It’s a family resort that is also a haven for fun-seeking young people or tourists looking for luxury five - star hotels. It is easily accessible by car, due to its proximity to Burgas Airport. In Bulgaria Transfers’ online reservation system you can book private or shuttle transfer to any hotel in Sunny Beach. Find here our best prices:

The best party destination in Bulgaria offers reasonable prices, long summer days and hot nights. Famous DJ-s are performing every night. If your perfect holiday includes dances and drinks on the beach, the resort that never sleeps is the right place for you! ;)

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