Summer holiday in Nessebar: the most ancient seaside resort in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a famous summer destination for its beautiful nature, sunny beaches and reasonable prices. There is also a good opportunity to combine the summer relax with cultural activities. In a walking distance from the busiest summer place in Bulgaria Sunny Beach, there is the ancient city of Nessebar which is one of the oldest towns in Europe, dating from 3,000 years.

Nessebar is not just summer resorts with many hotels and restaurants, it is a cultural tourism destination, offering excellent golden beaches as well. It is the best place for couples seeking a bit more of a cultural experience.

The ancient history of Nessebar:

Nesebar is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. The Old Town with its historic buildings, paved streets and the ancient atmosphere is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. The first settlers of Nessebar are the Thracian. During Antiquity the town was called Mesembria, in the Middle Ages it was known as Mesemvria, and later it got the name Nessebar.

The local museums are the favourite place for history lovers. When spending your vacation in Nessebar, meeting with the ancient civilizations, lived on these lands is a must. Evidence of four civilizations - the Thracian, the Hellenes, the Romans and the Byzantines can be seen at the Archaeological Museum. And the different museum halls give information about the town’s existence under the control of the Thracians, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the Bulgarian State.

Airport transfer to NessebarThe first thing you will see when entering the ancient city of Nessebar is The Wooden Windmill. You can also see the majestic old fortress walls. The town is like a magnet for tourists and in the summer there are always a lot of people there, walking around the narrow cobbled streets among small shops selling local art and handcrafted souvenirs – pottery, crocheting, jewellery. The pretty harbour is a starting point for many interesting boat excursions. Read here a more detailed guide to the Old town of Nessebar:

When spending your summer vacation in Nessebar, you have the unique opportunity to try delicious seafood meal under the shade of an Ancient Rome Fortress and enjoying the summer breeze; or just have a glass of local beer in front of an Old Bulgarian church, built by King Ivan Alexander. ;) Everywhere in Nessebar, you can feel the romantic spirit of the old “Mesembria” with its churches and monuments.

Why summer holiday in Nessebar?

What to byu from Nessebar?As a popular tourist destination, Nessebar offers a wide choice of accommodation opportunities – hotels, guest houses, apartments with many restaurants. There is a place for anyone, regardless of the budget available for a summer holiday. The close proximity to Sunny Beach provides much entertainment and all-night fun.

Nessebar is a piece of paradise, where modern holiday demands are met, while cultural traditions are still alive. It is the cultural and historical treasure of Bulgaria and one of the most visited seaside destinations. Its wonderful ancient atmosphere is a perfect prerequisite for an unforgettable summer holiday. Here you can reserve online excursions to Nessebar:

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