Airport Car Rentals Vs. Airport Transfer in Bulgaria

It’s time for your holiday and you have decided to visit Bulgaria! Sounds great and I know you are excited about the opportunity to spend some unforgettable and exciting time! When planning your trip, the most important steps are: buying the plane tickets, making a hotel reservation and packing your luggage. However, it’s not uncommon even for the most organized travellers to forget the arrangement of transportation from the airport to the hotel. Generally, the two most popular options that you can choose from are renting a car at the airport or booking a transfer.

What is the best option for you? To make your choice easier, we are going to review the advantages of the two transportation options.

Airport Car Rentals in Bulgaria


1. Gives you more freedom when travelling to different local destinations and it is a good option if you do not want to deal with public transportation or any other transportation services.

2. You can use the rented car for a couple of days, rather than just for the trip from the airport to the hotel.

3. You can explore the local area without an actual destination and just go for a drive around.

P.S. Other option, if you do not like to drive by your self - book online excursions and day trips in Bulgaria:

4. You can drive by yourself - car rental at the airport is a good option for everyone who loves driving in a foreign country and the challenges of unknown roads and unforeseen circumstances.

Airport Transfer in Bulgaria


1. You do not need to drive by yourself in a foreign country and prefer to use a legally registered transportation company that takes care of everything. Not having a driving license is also an important factor here.

You can be sure, that when choosing Bulgaria Transfers you are choosing a legally registered transportation firm in Bulgaria, we guarantee that our drivers are trustworthy and your trip will be safe, fast and comfortable.

2. No additional costs for fuel, insurances, deposit etc.

Booking online a transfer from any airport in Bulgaria to any city in the country is very fast and easy with No extra charges involved.

3. No responsibility for damages, car accidents or any other unforeseen circumstances

When travelling with Bulgaria Transfers you are insured and your only responsibility is to enjoy your journey from the airport to the hotel you have booked! ;)

4. You do not have to think about finding a parking spot, paying parking fees, traffic regulations and road conditions.

Driving in a foreign country always has unexpected difficulties and problems with traffic or parking regulations, which you can easily avoid if you let a transportation company take care of your trip.

Of course, there are other transportation options but we have decided to review only the two most common and convenient options. However, when arranging your holiday in Bulgaria do not miss to visit, as we provide comfortable car, bus or minivan transfer services from all airports in Bulgaria to any city or holiday resort in the country. Check our rates for the most popular destinations in Bulgaria:

  •  Transfer Airport Varna (VAR) - Golden Sands: 24 GBP (private car);
  •  Burgas Airport (BOJ) - Sunny Beach Transfer: 24 GBP (private car);
  •  Sofia Airport (SOF)  - Bansko: private transfer 101 GBP.

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