5 Reasons why you should visit Bulgaria this Winter

5 Reasons to visit Bulgaria in winter

Bulgaria is a popular ski destination, visited by many tourists every year. If you haven’t heard anything about the country or the ski resorts Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo, but looking for a different and good place to be on winter vacation, check here our top 5 reasons why you should visit Bulgaria this winter:

1# Excellent Ski & SPA facilities

Bulgaria offers world-class winter resorts, with excellent conditions for ski & snowboard vacation. The most famous resorts are Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo and they host also the world, European and national ski and snowboard competitions.


Bulgaria is also famous for its Spa and balneological tourism – a great opportunity for relaxing after long cold days on the pistes. The country offers over 200 mineral springs with temperatures from 37 to 50 ˚C and the best SPA resorts are Devin and Velingrad, which is known as the SPA capital of the Balkan Peninsula. There are also spa and wellness facilities, provided by some hotels in the ski resorts Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo. Practicing winter sports and relaxing in the sauna or SPA center is the best way to spending the winter vacation! :)

2# Beautiful winter fairy-tale

Bulgaria has wonderful natural resources, and the mountains are especially beautiful covered by deep snow during the winter. You will be impressed by the stunning scenery views when traveling to the ski resort in Bulgaria you have booked for your winter vacation. All ski resorts in the country are surrounded by amazing winter landscape. Bansko is situated at the foot of Pirin Mountain and the hotels there offer breathtaking views. If you choose Borovets for your ski destination - the slopes of Rila Mountains will impress you! Pamporovo is located in the Rhodope Mountain and has also very beautiful nature during the winter.

3# Reasonable prices

Bulgaria is famous as one of the cheapest countries in EU that offer reasonable prices for a ski vacation, compared to the other winter resorts in Europe. Anyone who is not willing to save money!? ;)  You can be sure it doesn’t mean the quality of the services is lower. Learn more about how to save money on your winter holiday here:

4# Christmas and New Year holidays in Bulgaria

You have the chance to experience unique traditions and customs during the winter holidays. Christmas and New Year Eve are celebrated with unique customs, traditional meals and folklore music. Christmas in Bulgaria is one of the biggest holidays and has a wonderful spirit. There is a Holiday Dinner on the day before Christmas with an uneven number (7 or 9) of meatless dishes and ritual bread. At midnight, when it’s Christmas a group of young boys with traditional folk costumes, called “koledari” go from door to door, singing ritual songs for wealth, health and happiness. And what will be a Christmas without presents?! In the morning everyone received his gift under the Christmas Tree.


New Year Eve in Bulgaria is celebrating with glamorous parties, music and folklore program, dances and fireworks. If you want to experience traditional Bulgarian customs, you have to get up early in the morning of 1 st of January and participate “survakane”. The custom aims to bring health and well- being, to give a better start to a rich and successful new year. Young boys walk from door to door, giving blessings to every house and family. In their hands, they hold beautiful decorated with yarn and dried fruits, cornel branches called “survachki”. They would say a blessing while lightly patting the back of everyone in the house with their “survachka”. After that, the householders give them fruits, coins, and gifts.

Normally it is very crowded in the biggest ski resorts in Bulgaria during the Christmas and New Year holidays. That’s why we suggest you to book in advance your winter vacation.

5# Easy to be reached

Bulgaria is very easy to be reached. As part of the EU, all European citizens can travel only with ID and do not need any visa or passport. There are good flight connections and direct flies to Bulgaria, and as well a variety of low cost, regular or charter airlines to Sofia airport and Plovdiv airport, which served the Bulgarian winter resorts Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo. You do not need to be on the all day long travelling to your winter holiday destination. And the last step to reach your hotel – book here online your private transfer from the airport in Bulgaria to the resort you have chosen for your ski vacation. It’s easy, fast and safe!

Are you still wondering whether it is worth to visit Bulgaria this winter? :-)

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